A producer-led watershed group that shares and learns from other farmers to be profitable, protect and increase soil functions, and improve water quality in the watershed. We strive to teach other local farmers how to make conservation systems work on their farms to be part of the solution for cleaner water and sustainable farms.

Video Resources

Biological Capital from One Good Idea

Dr. David Johnson & Hui-Chun Su (Johnson-Su Bioreactor)

200 bushel corn- no N or P

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Aerial Seeding into Soybeans

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UW Integrated Pest & Crop Management

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Living Soil Video

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Rick Clark- 2020 WI Cover Crop Conference Keynote

Understanding Ag- From Stress to Strategy: Financial Planning During Challenging Times

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UW Discovery Farms- Mitigating Climate Change Through the Soil Carbon Sponge

Soil Carbon Cowboys