Equipment and Tool Rental

Green County Land and Water Conservation Department has field and soil sampling equipment and tools available for public use. Please contact the department for availablity and rental costs.

Portable Scales

These portable, solar powered scales can be used to weigh loads of manure or fertilizer to help figure out application rates to fields.

Backpack Sprayer

The backpack sprayer can be used for grass and weed control for site preparation for small tree plantings or other small weed control applications. For large tree plantings we also have a larger pull type sprayer available.

Soil Probe and Soil Sample Bag

A soil probe is a tool used to collect soil samples from various depths in the ground for analysis. It typically consists of a long, slender metal rod with a handle at one end for pushing it into the soil. Some soil probes may have additional features such as depth markings or interchangeable tips for different soil types.

Parsnip Predator

We have multiple Parsnip Predators available for a $50 deposit which is great at removing pesky wild parsnip plants. The Parsnip Predator is similar to a shovel but has a narrower blade for cutting Parsnip plants as well as any other invasive plants deep at their roots keeping your yard, garden, and field safe and tidy.

Tree Spuds

We have many tree spuds available for a $50 deposit which work well for small tree plantings as well. The spud is similar to a shovel other than is just creates a slit opening to insert trees rather than digging a hole.

Water Tape

The water tape is available to help residents figure out the depth to water in their well. There is a light and
buzzer which activates when the probe touches water and an easy to read tape to get the depth.


The Solo 421-S portable broadcast spreader is designed for spreading a variety of solid chemicals on uneven terrain more conveniently than a wheeled spreader. It can handle particles as fine as sand or as large as rock salt. 20lb capacity.

                                               Tree Planter

We have two tree planters available. A two seater and a single seater. Rate is $20/1000 trees with a minimum of $40. Takes 2 inch ball hitch to transport. Please contact our office for more details.


To reserve equipment, please fill out the form below or call: 608-325-4195

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