Tree sales for this year are closed. We will be having another sale in the fall.

2-3′ Sugar Maple


This shade tree grows to be 60-75′ in height with a spread of about 40-50′ at full maturity. It grows in deep, well drained, acidic, to slightly alkaline soil. Prefers moist soil conditions but has moderate drought resistance. This maple has an oval, rounded shape with leaves that are 3-5 in. across with 5, or rarely 3, distinctive lobes. Flower colors are green and yellow and they bloom in April and May. Do not plant in confined areas or where salt is a problem. The wood of the Sugar Maple tree has always been highly valued for furniture because of its beauty and extreme hardness. Once mature enough it can be tapped to make maple sugar.

Note: Availability is on a first come, first served basis. Quantities are limited!

*Ordered in increments of 10.


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