Green County LWCD Services

Manure Spreader Calibration

To use manure as a quality dependable fertilizer, spreading rates need to be accurately figured and manure nutrient credits need to be calculated. This is done through a calculation which includes load weight and spreading rate. These figures determine manure nutrient credits. The fee to have a manure spreader calibrated is $50.00 a spreader.

Technical Assistance

LWCD staff provides technical assistance to county landowners to find solutions to land and water resource problems. LWCD staff design, supervise installation and certify plans using “Best Management Practices.”

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance or cost sharing is available to landowners to offset the implementation of Best Management Practices. To quality for financial assistance, the landowner must meet program criteria and enter into an agreement with the Land & Water Conservation Department. Contact our office for more information.

Well Abandonment Cost Share Program

Old and unused wells are a significant threat to the groundwater quality of Fond du Lac County. Old wells can develop cracks in their casing that can allow contaminates to seep down directly to ground water resources. Old and unused wells can also pose a significant safety threat to people, pets or other animals. Contact the Land & Water Conservation Department for cost sharing information.

Farmer Training

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Soil Testing

Over applying fertilizers to lawns, gardens and farm fields can lead to runoff of excess nutrients to our rivers, lakes, and streams. It can also contaminate the groundwater that we drink. Knowing the amount of nutrients that are available for plant growth is an important step in reducing runoff from over applications of fertilizer. For information on how to test your soil and where it can be analyzed, please contact us.

Rental Equipment

Rental equipment is available including the following:

+ Tree Planters
+ Mulcher
+ Soil Probe
+ Weight Pads
+ Planting Bar


The Green County Land and Water Conservation Department offers seedling trees for the following spring planting. The trees can be used to establish windbreaks, develop wildlife habitat, or reforest small areas.  The tree forms become available late September/early October.