The second annual summer field day organized by the Farmers of the Sugar River will be held at Truttmann Dairy LLC located at N9682 County J, Blanchardville on Wednesday, August 7. Farmers and interested public are encouraged to attend. Registration, milk and cookies start at 10. At 10:30, attendees will take a tour to see fields that were planted green and the compost pile. Fields of interest will include corn was planted into standing rye and soybeans that were planted into standing triticale. The farm manages their manure by separating the solids from the liquid and then composting the solids.
Lunch will be provided by Jim’s Backyard BBQ. Jim Winn from Lafayette Ag Stewardship Alliance and Terry Loeffelholz, Lafayette County Land Conservation Department Manager, will talk about the partnership they have formed in order to have the Southwest Wisconsin Groundwater and Geology Study conducted. They will share insights they have learned so far with the research that has been done to date. Dan Truttmann will then explain what he’s doing to reduce the amount of fertilizer, like nitrogen, he puts on his crops including nutrient management plans and pre-sidedress nitrate testing. The day will generally end at 2pm, but for those that are interested, a tour of the dairy will be held at this time.
Those interested in attending- should RSVP by August 2 to Tonya Gratz at the Green County Land and Water Conservation Department by email: Tonya.Gratz@wi.nacdnet.net or phone 608-325-4195 extension 121. There is no charge for this field day.
Farmers of the Sugar River is a producer-led watershed group of farmers that are working to encourage other farmers to adopt conservation practices like no till and cover crops that reduce sedimentation in our streams and rivers. They host events to educate other producers on how to adopt these practices and strive to educate the public as to why they do certain practices. The group receives funding and support from DATCP and other local business partners.